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Aisha’s mother was diagnosed with dementia in 2013. After nearly five years of being her caregiver, Aisha has decided to create a solution for the lack of resources for young adults, people of color, and members of the LGBTQ community where caregiving is concerned. Learn more about her new caregiving platform, Our Turn 2 Care.

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In 2015, Aisha began keeping a blog of her life as an expat in Barbados. Her brief time abroad served as a springboard for her writing career. Since that time, her personal narratives and feature interviews have been featured in online publications ranging from Blavity to Thrive Global. Read more about her story and get a sense of her style here.

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Looking for a passionate, humorous, and down-to-Earth young woman to speak to your youth group or students about writing, caregiving, bullying and self-esteem, or digital media? Contact Aisha today for more information.

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Hope & Help

Are you struggling with something? Maybe you’re trying to get out of a bad relationship, are thinking about hurting yourself, or just need someone to talk to. Here is a list of resources Aisha put together by category that you may find helpful.

Remember: Even when you feel like there’s no hope, there is ALWAYS help available.

Hope & Help