Shifting Focus

For my regular readers, I do indeed apologize for the radio silence here on the blog. I’ve been quite busy working on Our Turn 2 Care. I’ve been so blessed to share my message with audiences of all kinds though panel participation, guest blog posts, and Twitter chats.

2017 was a veritable whirlwind of new ideas and experiences. I forged new friendships, made new connections, and started a new career. A lot of these things occurred in the last quarter of the year so I am still reeling a bit from the newness of it all.

Modern Dance Class
Aisha at a Modern Dance Class

Much of last year was dedicated to figuring out what God wants me to do with the relatively limited time, money, and resources I have. He’s helped me tell stories and gave me the vision for Our Turn 2 Care. This year, I feel called to live my best life amid all of this newness.

The new year has been filled with opportunities to stretch myself to new physical limits. I took my first yoga class and my first hip-hop and modern dance classes in January (thanks to the free New Year deals and a Class Pass discount!), and I was pleasantly surprised at how great I felt.

This month, I’ve taken a break from public classes in the midst of the flu epidemic. As a caregiver for two parents who are members of at-risk populations, I am doing all I can to protect myself from influenza. However, once the disease dies down, I look forward to joining regular classes. If you have any suggestions for classes that have rocked your world and challenged you physically, leave them in the comments below!

HipHop Dance Class 2
Aisha at a Hip Hop Dance Class

In addition to group fitness classes, I hope to engage in other fun physical fitness activities, which I look forward to sharing with you along the way.

Happy New Year!

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