The last couple of years, I have set intentions with my life and career. Namely, with this blog. I intended to consistently write thought-provoking, view-altering posts about life, faith, and the human condition. With the occasional sponsored post brought to you by a product or service I care a whole lot about.
I failed to meet my intentions. Not because I didn’t want to fulfill my intentions, but because my intentions were small and unsubstantial in God’s plan for my life. I had my eyes set on low-key winning, when God had already set the stage for bigger, better things. I was thinking locally, when He had planned globally. I thought little, when He planned big.
81165418_10105927750113381_5287088407615373312_oMy intentions for 2019 included skateboarding and just passing all of my classes. God planned for me to ride on a float in the 131st Rose Parade (the journey of which began in 2019) and to get 2 A’s and a B.
I do not know what God has planned for me this year, but I like to set intentions and let them be known. In the past, I made goals around physical activities and cultural experiences. I also anticipated more deaths and continued mourning.
I have no control over the latter, and I am learning to accept the cycle of life through death (and often illness), finding healthy ways to cope with grief. But I can be sure to set intentions that get me closer to my callings and then share those key things with whoever will listen… er… read.
So, here goes:
  1. Money.
    I really want to make a tangible difference with Our Turn 2 Care. To do that, I need to incorporate and gain 501(c)(3) status. Those both require money. If I can find one person to show me how to go about raising the pre-startup capital we need, that would be awesome!
  2. Intentional Friendships.
    I love having a diverse friend group. It’s awesome. But given my limits on money, transportation, and time, I could use some friends who are broke, hyperlocal (Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, Chamblee), and appreciate culture and the outdoors (i.e. would love to take a trip to an exotic location but can’t afford it and agrees that free museum days may have to suffice for now).
  3. Community.
    Growing up 3,000 miles away from most of my extended family means that I missed out on those formative bonding experiences. Now, I have more blood relatives nearby and via social media and a beautiful church family. But I don’t really have the sense of familial community I grew up with. I had some wonderful chosen-family as a kid, but the older I get (especially as a caregiver) the more isolated I feel. I don’t mind growing old “alone,” but I would like not to be lonely. Not sure what anyone could do to help this, but… yeah.
Who knows what, if anything, will come of this; but “you have not because you ask not,” right?
So what do you need this year? Consider sharing 3 things that would make your year a little better or improve your overall quality of life.

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