It Happened for a Long Time

In kindergarten, I was spat upon and called the N-word by my White classmates. I have zero memory of this experience. It was so traumatic I blocked it out, but it has been recounted to me on several occasions. That same year, a White neighborhood boy told me other little White girls in the class wouldn't be allowed to play with me because I'm Black...

Strength to Move On

After 4 long and adventurous years with The Black Expat I have decided to step down from my roles as Business Operations Manager and featured writer. As my education continues to grow and expand, I have taken on different and unique opportunities that have allowed less time for doing the work I so enjoyed with … Continue reading Strength to Move On

Strength to Exist

As I scan up to drink in the rest of the splendor that was this unusually elegant outfit for a Saturday at an African hair braiding salon, I take mental note of each pointed piece. Navy pleated skirt, navy and marigold paisley print blouse, extraordinary naturally long red nails, snow white full beard, deep brown hair with a circular revelation of a pale scalp.