When one song ends, another begins

This part of the journey comes to an end, but the work continues and connections remain.

– Aisha Adkins

Transitions. They are the only pathways from where we are to where we want to be. Sometimes those pathways are paved and well-lit. Other times, they are actually dark alleyways covered in shards of broken bottles that once held precious dreams. Unfortunately, I can tell you that a lot of folx – myself included – are going through many transitions right now. But it is not my place to tell their stories, so I will tell my own.

I started my current role with Caring Across Generations (CAG) just over one year ago. I graduated into a pandemic – and into a recession for the second time! I was again in a situation where I was trying to figure out what kind of job I could do while I still care for my parents.

I am grateful that my relationship with CAG, which started in 2017, remained strong and allowed me to transition from volunteer to fellow to intern (though we don’t call it that) to part-time analyst to full-time organizer.

With new opportunities to stretch my leadership muscles at work and a greater demand for my writing and public speaking, my career is growing. I have opportunities I was not sure would ever come my way, and that is very exciting.

That said, as both of my parents continue to experience health challenges, caring for them remains my number one priority. Combined with soul-sucking isolation, all that’s required of me has also begun to truly take a toll on me mentally, physically, and emotionally. My mind and body are weary and grief is an ever-present, unwelcomed guest.

It is clear that something(s) had to give. So, I made a few major changes: I am shutting down Our Turn 2 Care, investing in my personal brand, and focusing on health and healing.

I am tremendously grateful for the relationships and experiences I’ve gained in the last 4 years. And while OT2C is ending, think of this as a call to action for all of the influencers, leaders, innovators, medical professionals, and everyday caregivers.

It is vital that millennial caregivers who are sitting at the intersections of historically underserved identities have access to well-facilitated, inclusive support. Please come together in patient-centered and client-centered service to create safe spaces for us to exist without judgment.

Thanks for everything,


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